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Online and Outdoor Self Care Coaching, Therapy, Supervision and Yoga for a Happier, Fuller and More Peaceful Life

Fáilte! Welcome to my online home.

I know it can be scary reaching out for support.

You’re not alone.

Most of my clients are women and men who seem pretty sorted (successful and high-functioning) but who, beneath the surface, are struggling with trauma, stress, anxiety, confidence or sleep issues.

Others want to increase their resilience and find more purpose, meaning and joy in their lives, relationships and work.

My clients and supervisees come to me because they want a comprehensive, holistic approach which they’ll benefit from long after we’ve finished working together.

This site has a wide range of self care resources to help you:

a) start helping yourself immediately and

b) get a better sense of how we might work together.

Whether you choose to pick up the phone (or text/WhatsApp or email me) or not, I hope you’ll find the self care resources throughout the site helpful.

Learning to prioritise your self care and Feel Better Every Day can remind you that you’re so much more than whatever you’ve survived or are going through.

Using your mind, body, heart and soul to identify what self care means for you in any given moment can help you create and sustain a happier, fuller and more peaceful life.

Feel free to experiment with whichever self care coaching resources throughout my site, on my blog and social media appeal.

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Access free book bonus videos – yoga, meditation, crystals, EFT and more

You might not need me at all as you become your own self care coach.

If you would like to work with me, it’s easy to get in touch to book your free, no obligation telephone consultation.

Feel Better Every Day with Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coaching therapy and supervision in Psychologies

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outdoor self care coaching, therapy and supervision in Westport

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By prioritising self-care, even on the bad days, you can feel better, knowing how far you’ve come as you connect with the richness and potential for transformation that the darkness can offer.

You can learn how to help yourself feel better in the moment and decide if and when you want to dig deeper, too.

The more we heal our wounds, the greater the potential for joy and delight. This work helps us expand our whole emotional landscape.

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Are you ready to improve your self care to heal your mind, body, heart and soul? Could you use some support in figuring out what self care means for you? To figure out what you need most in any given moment to create a happier, fuller and more peaceful life?

online and telephone self care coaching therapy and supervision
Eve Menezes Cunningham is self care coach, supervisor, BACP and IACP accredited counsellor, EFT International accredited advanced practitioner, Yoga Alliance Experienced Practitioner and Past Chair of BACP Coaching

Tel: +353 (0)87 262 9084 / +44 (0)7584 354963 Online and outdoor self care coaching, therapy, yoga, supervision and more. Westport, Co Mayo, Republic of Ireland. (c) Eve Menezes Cunningham 2004-2019. All rights reserved.

Eve's work has been featured in a wide range of national, international and specialist titles