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Helping You Take Better Care of Your Self*

Feel Better Every Day with Eve Menezes Cunningham self care coaching, therapies and supervision
*that highest, wisest, truest, most miraculous part of yourself

Find a greater sense of ease, trust your own inner wisdom, take each next best step and potentially transform your life (for the better)

365 Ways to Feel Better by Eve Menezes Cunningham

Based in Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland, all sessions are currently online (secure video conferencing) or by telephone.

Have you forgotten (or never known) how to trust yourself?

It can be scary reaching out for support but you’re not alone.

Most of my clients are women and men who seem pretty sorted (successful and high functioning).

Some are adult survivors of childhood sexual and other abuse.

Others have survived traumas (maybe a single event, maybe more complex) as adults.

And many struggle with ‘trauma with a little t’.

In some ways, telling yourself that your trauma or struggles don’t matter because what you survived wasn’t as bad as _____ makes things even worse so learning to be kinder to yourself is key.

For some people, learning how to help yourself regulate (ie feel better) is so important, self care a matter of doing the things that help make life feel more tolerable.

For others, learning self care tools to help yourself feel better is about improving your performance, living a more creative, fuller, more meaningful and joyful life.

And for some it’s a mixture of both! We’re complex creatures, us humans.

I also help people increase their resilience and learn how to work with stress, anxiety, confidence or sleep issues

As well as wanting to work with a senior accredited therapist and supervisor (etc), my clients and supervisees come to me because they want a comprehensive, holistic approach which they’ll benefit from long after we’ve finished working together.

You can learn (or re-remember) to connect with your inner wisdom / Self* / Higher Self / Atma / Miraculous Self or whatever you call that part of yourself that KNOWS what’s right for you in any given moment.

Each next best step.

It can also help you connect with your Wild Self – the grounded, embodied part of yourself that knows that learning to listen to your body’s wisdom can be deeply healing and transformational.

By doing what we can to get and keep ourselves well ~ mind, body, heart and soul ~ we can take better care of our loved ones, communities and even the world at large.

We’re lucky that technology and scientific (especially neuroscience) advances mean that while modern life has its challenges, we can benefit from ancient healing practices and wisdom from around the world AND cutting edge, evidence based approaches.

I offer a unique, bespoke approach depending on what YOU want and need.

You can access the mostly free resources throughout the site HERE

Tel: +353 (0)87 262 9084 / +44 (0)7584 354963 / +353 98 63645

Online and telephone self care coaching, therapy, yoga, supervision and more.

Westport, Co Mayo, Republic of Ireland and, when travel’s possible again, London and Essex, UK.

(c) Eve Menezes Cunningham 2004-2021. All rights reserved.

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